Singing Lessons

Singing Lesson Information

Sarah coaches singers through a wide range of musical styles and repertoire to suit individual voices and tastes. Her approach is both holistic and systematic and she is able to integrate knowledge from a diverse range of disciplines including psychology, phonetics, foreign languages and Alexander Technique. Lessons are tailored appropriately for children and adults of all ages and ability levels.

What can I learn?

You will learn to improve your vocal skills and technique, learn new songs and how to communicate well as a performer. Lessons begin with preparing the voice for singing. This includes developing awareness of posture and alignment, coordinating breath support with voice placement exercises where you learn how to project your voice through combined work on articulation, resonance and muscular coordination in vowels, consonants and words. In addition the student can learn:

  • All types of music, Classical, Opera, Folk, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pop
  • Specific vocal techniques for the style
  • Foreign Language Pronunciation and Phonetics
  • Interpretation and Performance skills
  • Aural and sight-reading skills

For Who?

My lessons are for everyone who wants to learn how to use their voice for singing.

Contact Sarah to discuss your individual needs – from exam preparation for ABRSM/Trinity Guildhall/LCM exams or musical theatre roles, to those wanting advice for auditions or coaching to perfect a solo for the school concert or just wanting to learn to sing their favourite songs for fun!

Sarah teaches singing students of all levels and musical backgrounds from beginners to advanced, professional or amateur. Lessons may also be taught in school’s subject to the school’s permission, location and room availability.