Music Theory Classes

Music Theory Classes

Theory classes are for those pupils who need to complete their Grade 5 ABRSM theory exam before moving on to Grade 6 or higher in their singing or on their instrument. Classes are also to helpful to those studying GCSE Music. I offer a Grade 5 theory class on Wednesday evening from 6pm to 7pm […]


Summary from AOTOS Conference 2nd Nov, 2014

Barbara Houseman: Emotion and Meaning of Text – Bringing the text to life. Look into the song text from the point of view of ‘as if’ and ‘what if I were there’ in the situation to make it real and come to life. From Stanislavski theatre training. Making connections with our song words happens in […]


Analysing and Performing a Song

Ici Bas! by Sully Prudhomme and Gabriel Faure Being inspired by Constantin Stanislavski’s texts on ‘Building a Character’ and ‘Creating a Role’ I wanted to try to put some of this into practice when preparing songs for the recital platform. I decided to look more closely at Ici Bas! by Faure to get behind the […]


Since we loved by Gerald Finzi

Oh fair to see Song Cycle by Gerald Finzi (1901 – 1956) After reviewing and singing Faure’s Ici Bas! and Les berceaux which speak directly of mourning loss of someone loved and departing sailors leaving behind women and their babies themes of isolation and loneliness I found consolation in Gerald Finzi’s cycle ‘Oh fair to […]


Cleopatra’s arias from Giulio Cesare by Handel

Cleopatra’s arias from Giulio Cesare by Handel Non disperar from Act I, Scene 2 of the Italian opera Giulio Cesare by George Frideric Handel Setting: Cleopatra’s room, Alexandria, Egypt, 48 B.C. Synopsis: Cleopatra has heard that her brother Tolomeo has killed Caesar’s rival, Pompey, in order to influence Caesar. Cleopatra also wants to influence Caesar, […]

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